Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

Love Fairies

Valentine's day is coming and I already smell love, flower, and cupid atmosphere ^^.
To celebrate that occasion, I made some Love Fairies with different color
, well I just made 3 love fairies actually.

Each of fairies holds a colorful heart on their hands and uses a colorful flower in their hair.
Then I attached an artificial wings at their back so that they can fly easily to give the heart to someone special for them -
well, that's just my imagination, xixixiii... :p

Ok my little love fairies...
Fly away to anywhere you like... anyone you love...
make them happy, feel warm, and never let them alone...
Hope that they feel love and be loved when they see you !!!

Happy Valentine's day every creature in this world !!! :)

Kamis, 12 Januari 2012

Heart Hairband

It was just for fun when I crocheted this heart amigurumi but suddenly I had an idea to make it as a hairband to beautify children's hair and women also.

I crocheted two hearts amigurumi in maroon and bright pink softy cotton yarns.
After that, I sewed them in colorful rubber. Finished !!!

Heart hairband is ready to be used ^^

Selasa, 03 Januari 2012


Perhaps, you already know about my favourite anime character. Yup... it is Kerochan, taken from anime 'Card Captor Sakura' - cute and small orange creature has long orange tail and tiny wings on its back ?? Also has a big appetite if it looks at food !!!??
I decided to FALL IN LOVE with this cute version character suddenly !!!

So, I remake it just a little bit.

I made the Kero in sit position so that can be placed easily anywhere.
I also made with crochet method and used colorful dotted Sirdar Snuggly yarn for its wings and tail
I added a heart accessory that has not been sewed in its body because I wanted to explore and took some pictures of different positon with it.
And now, I just LOVE to play with it anytime !!!

I hug it... I kiss it... !!!
Kero always accompanies me anywhere !!!
Love you so much dear.... *muach

Minggu, 01 Januari 2012

Rectangle Table Case

This special request came from my uncle when he saw me using a unique cover for my tablet during our trip to Bali few months ago.
"Where did you buy your cover tablet? I want to buy the cover for my tablet just like you have. Gorgeous cover." he said in the next family gathering.

Ok, let me made it for you and he felt so happy with offering.

Size of the tablet is 26 X 18 cm.
I made for the cover was 28 X 19 cm and I was using knitting method (and again, it has been so long not knitting but thanks God, I'm not forget about this method).
At the first time, I was using striated pink-purple-blue yarn. I thought it would be enough to make it but at the middle of the size, I run out of yarn *stupid me !! >_<"

I made again using grey yarn doubled with blue yarn. When length reached approximately 25 cm, I changed color of yarn with orange, purple, and shocking pink.
Each of color doubled again with blue yarn and has length about 3 cm. And the rest, back again with grey color.

Color of handler I decided using the same yarn of the bag and added each points of it a square crossed dark brown for the accent. Last, I userd dark brown zipper for the bag.

Well, I'm not showing it to my uncle because we still don't meet each other but I hope it suit to his tablet size and he like the cover.
Bit curious about his comment :)

Senin, 26 Desember 2011

Hey Mr Snowmans

Wow... it's been a long time not write on this blog, more than a year !! And at the same time, I was crocheting nor knitting T__T... Miss these activities so much !!
And here I am, trying to make some amigurumis as a Christmas gift for my beloved friends whom celebrate this event.

Using Sirdar Snuggly yarn for the body and colorful softy yarns for hats and scarves, I made these in two steps - I was running out of gift actually because so many friends I wanted to give :).
Six snowmans at the beginning and four at the end.

Thanks God that I'm still keeping the pattern !!
At first time read this, I totally forgot to read the pattern... ahaha, ridiculous right ??? What was sc?? How to make a ring ?? How to increase and decrease ??
Slow but sure, after read again step-by-step of crocheting (thanks to God again that I still keep the ebook of it), finally I could read the pattern... yyyiippiieee... \ ^_^ /

Six snowmans divided in 2 types of hat: Santa and ordinary hat.
I showed these type to my friend and she said that she loved the ordinary one rather than santa hat (I didn't ask her why). So, four snowmans later, I made only 1 type of hat - much easier and faster to crochet it also *grin.

After I finished all the snowmans, I placed it in a small plastic container from mica with artificial red ribbon on top of it.

And the Christmas gifts are ready to be distributed to all my beloved friends!!! ^0^v

Merry Christmas everybody !!!